2017-2018 PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP Test Dates
Test Prep and Tutoring List

The Haddonfield Public Library offers many resources to Haddonfield students.
CLICK THIS LINK to explore the Testing and Education Reference Center (you will need your public library card to sign up).
Please check out the Library resources list here!


The Preliminary SAT (PSAT) is a standardized test that provides firsthand practice for the SAT. The PSAT measures critical reading skills, math problem-solving skills and writing skills. This test offers juniors a chance to enter National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test scholarship programs and gain access to college and career planning tools. Sophomores are encouraged to take the PSAT. This is not a mandatory test.

Registration Information:
HMHS utilizes on Total Registration, an online service that allows parents and students to opportunity to register for the exams we offer. Students have access to PSAT and AP registration. Families will be informed when the registration portal is open. www.TotalRegistration.net/PSAT/310470


Members of the Class of 2017 and beyond, will take the new SAT.  The SAT is the nation’s most widely used college admissions test.  For additional information, visit: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/test-design

Advanced Placement Exams

AP courses are approved through The College Board/AP Central.  Advanced Placement courses allow students the opportunity to delve into concepts, skills, and content that is both rigorous and challenging.  Students have the opportunity to take the AP exams to demonstrate their mastery.  Counselors will discuss AP courses during individual scheduling conferences.